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What is geoblocking and how to bypass it?


Hanna Mcclaran

Jun 6, 2023 | 5 min read
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Geoblocking is a practice of restricting access to online content or services based on a user's geographic location. Some websites or streaming services, such as Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime, use geoblocking to protect their copyrights and licensing agreements, as well as to comply with laws and regulations in different countries/regions. This means that if you want to watch certain movies or shows but they are not available in your country/region, you will be unable to access them.




How geoblocking works

How to bypass geoblocking

Why choose MetroVPN  


How geoblocking works


Geoblocking is implemented by identifying a user's IP address or GPS location . An IP address is a unique identifier assigned to each device connected to the internet, which can indicate the approximate location of the device. When you visit a website or service that uses geoblocking, it checks your IP address and decides whether to allow you access based on your country/region.


How to bypass geoblocking


If you want to bypass geoblocking, you can use a technology called VPN (Virtual Private Network). A VPN is a technology that allows you to connect to the internet through a secure encrypted connection. When you use a VPN, you can choose to connect to a server located in a different country/region, which will hide your real IP address and make you appear as a user from another location. This way, you can access content that is restricted in your country/region.


Why choose MetroVPN


MetroVPN is an excellent VPN service that can help you bypass geoblocking and enjoy more online content. MetroVPN has the following features:


① Security & Privacy

It uses advanced encryption technology to encrypt users' internet data, making their internet data and activities unrecognizable by others, protecting their privacy and security.

② Global servers

It provides over 1000 high-speed servers located worldwide, allowing you to switch to different locations anytime, anywhere.

③ Multi-Platform

It supports multiple devices and platforms, including Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, etc., and can connect up to 5 devices simultaneously.

④ 24/7 customer support

It has a friendly customer support team that can provide help and guidance 24/7.

⑤ 30-day money-back guarantee

It has a 30-day risk-free refund guarantee, allowing you to try it out for free and enjoy full satisfaction guarantee.


In conclusion, geoblocking is a practice of restricting access to online content or services based on a user's geographic location. To bypass geoblocking, you can use VPN services like MetroVPN, which allows you to access your favorite content anytime, anywhere, while protecting your privacy and security.


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