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What is automatic hacker attack and how to prevent it?


Dominic David

Apr 8, 2023 | 4 min read
  • Online threats


Automated hacker attacks  are a type of cyber attack that utilizes artificial intelligence (AI) technology to automatically identify and exploit network vulnerabilities, steal or destroy data. The advantage of automated hacker attacks lies in their ability to scan and attack a large number of targets in a short period without the need for human intervention or supervision. This allows hackers to save time and costs, while increasing the efficiency and stealthiness of their attacks.


The harm caused by automated hacker attacks is substantial, as it can threaten the cybersecurity of individuals, businesses, and governments. The following are some scenarios that are vulnerable to automated hacker attacks:

① Remote Work

Many people are forced to work from home now, using home networks or public Wi-Fi to connect to company servers. These networks have low security and are susceptible to scanning and intrusion by hackers, leading to the theft or destruction of sensitive company data.

② Online Shopping

Many people enjoy shopping online and using credit cards or payment services like Alipay. These payment methods require entering personal information and passwords, and if the network is insecure, hackers may intercept and misuse the data, resulting in financial losses or identity theft.

③ Social Media

Many individuals share their lives and thoughts on social media, uploading photos and videos. These contents may contain personal privacy and location information, and if obtained by hackers, they could be used as bait or for malicious activities such as blackmail and defamation.


To prevent automated hacker attacks, we need to take effective measures to increase our cybersecurity awareness and capabilities. One important measure is to use a VPN (Virtual Private Network) service.


A VPN is a service that establishes a secure tunnel on a public network using encryption technology. It can protect our data from being viewed or tampered with and also modify our IP address to hide our real location and identity, ensuring our digital security.


MetroVPN is a professional, reliable, and efficient VPN service software with the following features:

① Easy to use

MetroVPN only requires one-click to connect, allowing you to enjoy a secure, fast, and stable network service.

② Multi-platform

MetroVPN supports Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS, enabling you to maintain network security wherever you are.

③ Global servers

With 6500+ servers worldwide, MetroVPN allows you to access any website and application anytime and anywhere, regardless of whether they are blocked or restricted.

④ Unlimited bandwidth

MetroVPN does not limit your traffic and bandwidth, allowing you to browse, download, and watch any content without worries.

⑤ 24/7 customer support

MetroVPN has a professional technical and customer support team, providing you with 24-hour online assistance and help.


By using MetroVPN , you can effectively prevent automated hacker attacks and safeguard your cybersecurity. Whether you are working remotely, shopping online, using social media, or in any other scenario, you can confidently use MetroVPN to enjoy a secure, free, and enjoyable online experience.


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