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BeReal App: What You Need to Know


Charles Garcia

Oct 1, 2023 | 6 min read
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What is BeReal?

How Does BeReal Work?

Is BeReal Safe?

Risks Associated with BeReal

Recommendations for Staying Safe on BeReal


What is BeReal?


BeReal is an emerging social media application known for encouraging users to share their real-life experiences without the use of filters or edited photos and videos. BeReal promotes authenticity and self-expression, allowing users to be themselves without worrying about judgment or criticism.


How Does BeReal Work?


Using BeReal is straightforward. Users simply need to download the app, register an account, and start sharing their lives. BeReal's core feature involves sending users two random daily questions, such as "What did you eat today?" or "What made you happiest today?" Users have 10 seconds to answer these questions with an unfiltered and unedited selfie or video. Users can choose to share their answers publicly for everyone to see or only with their friends. They can also explore other users' responses, leave likes, and comments.


Is BeReal Safe?


While BeReal's concept promotes the sharing of real-life experiences, it does introduce some security concerns. Firstly, because BeReal's responses cannot use filters or editing tools, users may unintentionally expose personal information, such as their address, school, workplace, etc., which could be exploited by malicious individuals. Secondly, due to the 10-second response limit, users might impulsively say inappropriate or offensive things without considering the consequences, such as comments related to racism, gender bias, political opinions, and more. This could lead to user dissatisfaction, public backlash, or cyberbullying. Lastly, since BeReal's answers require selfies or videos, users may face external pressure or bullying regarding their appearance, leading to ridicule, comparisons, criticism, and potentially affecting their self-esteem and mental well-being.


Risks Associated with BeReal


Based on the analysis above, we can summarize several risks associated with the BeReal application:

① Privacy Disclosure Risk

Users might inadvertently disclose their personal information, making them vulnerable to malicious exploitation.

② Speech Risk

Users might impulsively say things without considering the consequences, causing disputes or public relations crises.

③ Appearance Pressure Risk

Users might face negative judgments or bullying regarding their appearance, affecting their mental health.

④ Legal Risk

Users might violate local laws and copyright agreements by using unauthorized music, images, videos, etc.


Recommendations for Staying Safe on BeReal


Despite the potential risks associated with BeReal, users can have a safe and enjoyable experience by following these guidelines:

① Protect Your Privacy

Avoid capturing sensitive information like your address, school, workplace, etc., in your responses, and consider using blurring or masking techniques to hide such data. Additionally, be cautious with online security, such as using strong passwords, not clicking suspicious links, and refraining from sharing personal information with strangers.

② Mind Your Words

Show respect for others' feelings and opinions when answering questions, avoiding statements that may be contentious or offensive, such as those related to race, gender, politics, etc. Take responsibility for your responses, refraining from spreading rumors, defaming others, or infringing upon others' rights.

③ Embrace Your Appearance

Display your true self confidently without feeling pressured or dissatisfied due to the judgments or comparisons of others. Contribute positively by offering encouragement rather than criticism to fellow users.

④ Compliance with Legal Regulations

Adhere to local laws and copyright agreements when responding to questions and using multimedia materials. Respect BeReal's terms of use and community guidelines to avoid policy violations.

⑤ Use MetroVPN

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