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How to Unblock and Watch Netflix Anywhere?


Aaron Brown

Feb 16, 2023 | 6 min read
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Netflix streaming service is available in over 190 countries and Netflix libraries contains over 15,000 movies and TV shows. Most of the content is geo-restricted due to copyright agreements. Depending on your location, only a small percentage of content can be viewed, namely movies licensed by the platform in your country. There is a trick to bypass the geo-blocking of streaming services, by using a VPN you can change your region and access any country/region's library and you can stream more movies.Just follow this article to unblock it easily.




Benefits of Using a VPN to Watch Netflix

How to Unblock Netflix to Stream Your Favorite Content

Reasons Why Netflix Blocks You

Is it Illegal to Use a VPN on Netflix?



Benefits of Using a VPN to Watch Netflix


① Low Prices: Subscribe to Netflix for Less.

Netflix prices its subscriptions according to the economic level of different regions, so subscription prices are higher in developed regions.

Turkey has the lowest subscription prices in the world, plus Argentina, Vietnam, and Brazil are also good choices.

② Change your location: More movies and subtitles to choose from.

Don't worry, that the region where you subscribe to Netflix has nothing to do with the content you can watch. So you can use a VPN to sign up in the region with the lowest price and watch in the region with the most movies.


Using VPN to change your location will also help you to get subtitles in your language. Subtitles are a great way to make sure you don't miss any of the dialogue in the show and help you understand what's going on. Most Netflix Originals (Netflix self-produced movies) will have full region subtitles, but region limited movies may only have subtitles for that region.


How to Unblock Netflix to Stream Your Favorite Content


Step 1: Get MetroVPN. Sign up for an account and get a subscription.

Step 2: Download and install MetroVPN on your device.

Step 3: Launch on your device and connect to Netflix-enabled servers.

① Click the "Filter" button in the upper right corner.

② Choose "Netflix" and "Save"

③ Connect to a Netflix-enabled server.

MetroVPN's servers are categorized not only by geographic location, but also by usage, such as Streaming, Game, Speedy, and BitTorrent.

Step 4: Access Netflix and enjoy!

Whether you're at school, at work or anywhere, try using a VPN to defeat firewalls blocking.


Reasons Why Netflix Blocks You


You may encounter a situation where you can't access the desired Netflix library or even the official Netflix website. Let's take a look at the possible reasons why you are blocked.

① Netflix is not supported in your country.

Netflix is available in 190+ countries worldwide, but subscriptions are still not available in a few countries unless you get a Netflix VPN to unlock it.

② Netflix is available in your country, but Netflix is blocked on the LAN.

Due to online censorship in different countries, firewall technology is used for social media, Google and other websites. In addition, owners and administrators of local networks can also restrict Internet access, such as parents who forbid their children from accessing inappropriate content, and employers who block employees from accessing certain websites or applications in the workplace.

Therefore, you will need a proxy or VPN service to bypass censorship and stream anywhere.

③ Netflix detects that you are using a proxy or VPN and disables them.

Note that Netflix has strengthened its "VPN ban" and blocked residential IP addresses since August 2021. Netflix's move has caused some regular users to be wrongly judged as illegal users, and many have complained. Netflix has the right to take action against people who bypass the restrictions, but when the damage is done to users who are not using a VPN it may not be the best solution.


Is it Illegal to Use a VPN on Netflix?


The answer is that it is not illegal at all. The Netflix spokesperson said not all content from VPN and proxy services has been banned. Changing and hiding IPs is just a way to protect online privacy and get better Internet security, not an objective.




In conclusion, using a VPN like MetroVPN offers several benefits for Netflix users, including accessing content from different regions at lower subscription prices and unlocking a wider range of movies and subtitles. The step-by-step guide provided simplifies the process of unblocking Netflix, making it convenient for users to enjoy their favorite content regardless of location. While there are reasons Netflix may block access, using a VPN is not illegal, and it remains a practical solution for overcoming geo-restrictions and enhancing streaming experiences.


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