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What is bandwidth throttling and how to lift it?


Hanna Mcclaran

Apr 13, 2023 | 8 min read
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Bandwidth refers to the ability to transmit data through a network within a certain period of time. It is usually measured in Mbps or Gbps. The higher the bandwidth, the faster the network speed and the better the user experience.

Bandwidth throttling refers to the deliberate lowering or disconnection of a user's bandwidth by an ISP (Internet service provider) in order to control their network traffic. This can result in slower network speeds for users and even prevent them from accessing certain websites or applications.




Reasons why ISPs throttle bandwidth:

How to check if your bandwidth is being throttled

How to remove bandwidth throttling?

Why did I choose MetroVPN?  


Reasons why ISPs throttle bandwidth:


① Cost savings

ISPs need to purchase and maintain a large number of network devices and lines to ensure that users can access the internet normally. If users can use high-speed networks without any restrictions, the ISP will need to constantly increase their network resources and investment, which is a significant cost for the ISP. Therefore, ISPs may throttle the bandwidth of users to reduce their operating costs.

② Traffic regulation

ISPs need to allocate network resources according to different time periods and regions to ensure the quality of network services. If the network traffic in a certain time period or region is too high, it may cause network congestion, delays or interruptions. Therefore, ISPs may throttle the bandwidth of users to regulate network traffic and avoid network bottlenecks.

③ Implementation of data quotas

ISPs may set throttles on the amount of data users can use each month based on different packages or agreements. If users exceed the data limit, ISPs may charge additional fees or reduce their network speed. This approach can increase the ISP's revenue and encourage users to use network resources reasonably.


How to check if your bandwidth is being throttled


① Use online speed testing tools

This is the most direct and simplest method. Simply visit some websites that provide speed testing services, such as or , and follow the prompts to test your current download and upload speeds. If you find that these values are significantly lower than your purchased package standards or have significant differences compared to different time periods, then it is likely that your bandwidth has been throttled.

② Use network monitoring software

This is a more professional and detailed method that requires the installation of software that can monitor network traffic and performance, such as Wireshark or NetLimiter. Then, by analyzing data packets and protocols, it can be determined whether your bandwidth has been throttled. This method requires some technical knowledge and experience but can provide more information and evidence.

③ Use a VPN service

This is a simple and effective method. Simply use software or applications that provide VPN services, such as MetroVPN, and connect to a server in a different region or country to bypass ISP restrictions and restore normal network speeds. If you find that your speed has significantly improved after using a VPN, then it indicates that your bandwidth was throttled before.


How to remove bandwidth throttling?


① Switch ISPs

This is the most direct and effective method. If your ISP frequently throttles your bandwidth and does not provide a reasonable explanation, you can consider switching to a better and more trustworthy ISP. Of course, this also depends on the network market and competition in your area. If you do not have multiple choices or switching ISPs does not improve the situation, then this method may not be suitable.

② Use MetroVPN

A VPN is a virtual private network that can allow your network traffic to pass through an encrypted tunnel, hiding your real IP address and network activity. With a VPN, your ISP cannot identify your traffic type and source, so they cannot throttle your bandwidth.

③ Use a proxy server

A proxy server is an intermediate server that can receive and forward your network requests, changing your IP address and geographic location. With a proxy server, your ISP cannot track your real identity and network behavior, so they cannot throttle your bandwidth.


Why did I choose MetroVPN?


We may not be able to avoid ISP interference, or we may need to access websites and services that are blocked or restricted by the ISP. At this time, we need a reliable VPN tool to help us. There are many VPN tools on the market, but I chose MetroVPN because it has the following advantages :

① Global servers

MetroVPN provides servers in multiple countries and regions, allowing us to freely switch locations and enjoy high-speed and stable network connections.

② Data encryption

MetroVPN can encrypt our network traffic data to prevent our data from being attacked or traced, ensuring our data security and privacy.

③ Multi-platform support

MetroVPN supports multiple devices and platforms, including Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, etc., allowing us to use the same account on different devices.

④ Easy to use

MetroVPN has a simple and easy-to-use interface that allows us to connect or disconnect the VPN service with one click.


In summary, MetroVPN is the VPN tool that I trust. It allows me to enjoy fast and smooth network experience even when facing ISP bandwidth throttling, while also protecting my network security and privacy.


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