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Watch the 2023 AFC U20 Asian Cup with MetroVPN


Aaron Brown

Mar 16, 2023 | 5 min read
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The 2023 U20 Asian Cup has become the most exciting event for fans around the world for half a month. Talented young players put on exciting games representing their countries. The fierce semi-finals have come to an end, and the final will be played this Saturday.


I believe you must not want to miss this wonderful moment. But the game is held in Asia, how do fans from different countries and regions watch the game? Many viewers are unable to tune in online due to geographic restrictions. The good news is that you can use a VPN to unblock restricted content and browse all information about the Asian Cup without lag.


Here's a guide to help you find the best platforms for online streaming.




1. How to watch U20 Asian Cup live in your country

2. Where to watch U20 Asian Cup

3. 2023 AFC U20 Asian Cup Finals Schedule  


1. How to watch U20 Asian Cup live in your country

Get MetroVPN . (Stay Secure with Anonymous VPN)

② Connect to the server location of the broadcaster you want to watch.

Watch and enjoy the exciting games!


2. Where to watch U20 Asian Cup

The 2023 U20 Asia Cup will be streamed on the Asian Football Confederation’s official website, . The AFC is responsible for organizing the tournament, so it makes perfect sense to watch it on their platform. Here are some of the platforms to stream U20 Asian Cup in different countries:


Streaming Platform

The Middle East

beIN Sports


Al-Kass Sports Channel


Fox Sports





South Korea

MBC Sports





Southeast Asia

beIN Sports
Fox Sports

New Zealand

Sky NZ


Fox Sports


C More




3. 2023 AFC U20 Asian Cup Finals Schedule




Uzbekistan vs Iraq

Saturday, March 18

19:00 p.m.


All in all, the 2023 U20 Asian Cup has brought us many unexpected highlights. With a range of online streaming platforms available, fans can easily follow games and support their favorite teams. Be sure to check the availability of streaming sites in your country so you don't miss any events.


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